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Simplicity in pricing suited for any budget!

With a fee structure based on the volume of your submissions, Smarter Entry is affordable for even the smallest budget.


$450.00 USD

One Time License fee (not yearly!)

Simultaneous Competitions

Unlimited Competitions

$0.70 USD Per Image Fee
$0.651 Non-Profit

2.9%+$0.30* Processing Fee (Stripe2)

No Hidden Charges

No Minimum Volume


With our pricing structure, there is no confusion: We charge on a per image rate. Our credit card processing fees are based on Stripe fees. There are no monthly fees, no hidden costs, and no minimum volume.

With Stripe, the payment schedule is up to you, and your settings within your Stripe account will allow you to choose the payment schedule that bests suits your business model. A detailed statement will be delivered to your email account around the first of the month that outlines income by competition, detailed applicable fees, and any refunds that may have occurred.

Free competitions are available, and can be setup through the administration. Free competitions will be billed using a credit card supplied at the beginning of each month.

It's that simple!

1Copy of 501(c)3 IRS Determination Letter required for non-profit discounted rate.
2Stripe charges additional fees for foreign transactions.