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What makes Smarter Entry so robust?

Smarter Entry is an economical, fully integrated, web-based competition and call-for-entry management system. It will handle all of your registration, fee processing, submission, and jurying functions so you can focus on running a successful event at home or around the world. Developed in 2003, Smarter Entry continues to offer new enhancements to its clients at no additional cost.
  • Flexibility - the cornerstone of Smarter Entry‘s design

    • Photography, Painting, Video, Sculpture, and other 3D work
    • Series of single entries, groups of related entries, and portfolios
    • Multiple languages for the same event: English, Spanish and French
    • Ideal for more than competitions. Manage submissions to:
      Craft Fairs, Art Festivals, Public Projects, Galleries, Portfolio Reviews and more

    • for Photography
    • image

    • for Sculpture
      ...for much more!
    • image

    • for Video

Smarter Event Setup

Smarter Entry enables you to organize and manage all your events from start to finish without installing any software or relying on Smarter Entry staff. An internet connection is all you need to setup one or multiple events.

    • Custom event
      Fee Structures
    • image

    • Customized
    • image

    • Unlimited

    Customization of your event is simple

    • Define event title, description, dates, and jurors
    • Set your optional features for each event
    • Set your own fee structure for single entries, portfolios, early deadlines, and additional submissions
    • Brand Smarter Entry with your logo
    • Host one event or a hundred events simultaneously

    Choose from many optional features per event

    • Multiple promotional codes
    • Limit events to members
    • Collect biographies, curriculum vitae and artists’ statements
    • Define categories
    • Collect dimensions and artist’s valuation of their work

    • Multiple
      Promo Codes
    • image

    • Collect Bios
      and Statements
    • image

    • Limit Event to

Smarter Registration and Submission

Smarter Entry entrants can easily...

  • Create their account and manage their images
  • Upload without special masking requirements or renaming files
  • Modify or replace submissions and add comments until the deadline
  • Pay their entry fee with a secure credit card transaction
  • Purchase additional submissions any time before the deadline
  • Access context-sensitive help during the process

Smarter Jurying Process

Smarter Entry respects your jurors’ time, so the jurying module is designed to be intuitive, flexible, and efficient. You have the option of using a single juror or multiple jurors and to prejury submissions. Whether jurying individual submissions or portfolios, your jurors are able to:
  • Access the Jurors’ portal with a unique login at any time and from any place there is an internet connection
  • Choose how they want images to display in their browser: contact sheet, thumbnails, or enlarged to full screen to show more detail
  • View all relevant image information, including image size, title and artist’s notes
  • Jury work without seeing the artists’ name
  • Use a simplified process of elimination to reach the number of required submissions
  • Easily select or reject multiple images
  • Filter the higher quality work through a series of elimination passes
  • Filter by category
  • Rank submissions on a weighted scale

Smarter Activity Reports for Event Managers

Smarter Entry puts all the event information at your fingertips. With real-time activity reports, you can check on the progress of your event and make informed business decisions that lead to a successful outcome. Smarter Entry administrators can:
Competition Report
  • Check the quantity of submissions and review financial and income-related data
  • Monitor the status of artist registrations
  • See the progress of individual jurors and the overall jurying process
  • Select numerous reports with the ability to filter and sort as desired
  • Collect and export extensive event data to Excel spreadsheets

Smarter Data and Image Export

With Smarter Entry you own all event data. The program’s extensive reporting capabilities allow you to seamlessly export various event data and empower you to:
  • Analyze juror selections
  • Publish juried results
  • Notify selected artists
  • Build your contact database

Smarter Technology and Security

Smarter Entry offers a web-based technology solution that is secure, stable and capable of handling heavy traffic volumes, including the sudden surges associated with deadline activity. Our server up-time is greater than 99% and is designed with the following security functions:

  • All access is protected with a username and password. Administrators, artists and jurors have separate login portals.
  • Smarter Entry uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption between browsers and the server, and has an A rating on QualSys.
  • Smarter Entry processes credit card transactions through TransFirst, an industry leader.
  • Smarter Entry staff neither sees nor retains any credit card information.
  • All data is backed up daily.

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